2012 – Retrospective: Part 1 (Holiday & New job)

Wait, what? It’s that time already?

2012… exit, stage left!

I thought I should write a little bit on the year just gone as the place is a little vacant right now being new and all…

I brought in the new year abroad in Spain with friends which was welcome change. The tolerable temperatures and change of scenery definitely made the start of the year rather exciting. Shortly though I had to head home to a new job, a new career in the education sector teaching the 16-19 age group! The fun in the sun didn’t last too long and I came home refreshed and ready to go but the terrible weather and general new year blues lingered anyway.

I started my new job shortly into the new year, a job that was perfect for me on paper, the dream job, lecturing at a college on a pathway and course I was a perfect qualified match for, I was super excited thinking about what skills and knowledge I could bring to these students, I couldn’t believe it. I had applied a couple of months prior to starting and when I got the interview I was ecstatic, I got through the interview stage, passed the tests, even teaching a live class under observation, everything felt great, I loved it. I was going to pass on my skills as a wide eyed graduate to another generation, perfect! A great career!

All was not well from the start though unfortunately…

For reasons still mostly unknown to me the classes and subjects I was assigned when I arrived at my first day of work didn’t match the classes I was prepared to teach, the course subject was worlds apart, what is going on, I couldn’t believe it! Where was the job I had weeks earlier successfully applied for and worked hard in preparing for. I stuck with and somehow made it by it hoping it was a really strange mistake (did my job role get mixed up with someone, was I in someone else’s position? yes seriously, I felt like I just stepped into someone else’s job) I hoped this was a stupid mistake and could be simply rectified. This was my first time working at a medium size company after all, maybe something went wrong communication wise at management level?  I raised my concerns pretty much immediately but as the weeks went on I realised my voice was falling on deaf ears, this is actually the job they wanted me to do. Something was seriously wrong here. I left after hitting a dead end and feeling angry that I had been deceived in such a way and feeling upset for the opportunity that actually looks like it never existed.

I learnt from this that you should follow your gut when you sense something is wrong and immediately act on it, looking back I should of walked out of the door immediately when I realised something wasn’t right. Sticking with things for the sake of it or in hope that “things will get better” is not good advice, but a fools tale.

Jobless and flat broke, I was happier then ever.

To be cont…


Part two here.

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